Playing 7/Stud

Seven Card Stud is a much older variation of poker than Texas hold’em but it is often considered to be far more skilful. Because the players in both forms of poker have to make their best five card poker hand from the seven cards that they have available then both Seven Card Stud and hold’em are very similar to each other. In fact very few people are aware of the fact that hold’em is actually a variation of Seven Card Stud. The game starts with the lowest visible card being forced to open the action.

Each player is dealt three cards, two of which are face down and one card face up which is called the door card. Then we have the first round of betting and after that then the highest visible hand opens the betting on each round of play. Just like in hold’em then bluffing and semi-bluffing play a big part in this form of poker but position isn’t as important in Stud. This is because the player that opens the betting can differ from round to round based on which hand is the highest visible hand on that particular round of play.

The game of Seven Card Stud places a great deal of emphasis on remembering which cards have been dealt. In fact this is one of the primary skills of the game because remembering which cards your opponents have discarded has a big impact on your pot odds and implied odds and your overall chances of winning the pot. Seven Card Stud is making somewhat of a return to online poker and poker in general because many players are seeing the close similarities with hold’em. There is not a lot of theory on Seven Card Stud at this time and so any player who decides to put in the necessary work can find themselves some very profitable games.

You need to remember that Stud has five betting rounds as opposed to the four in hold’em and Omaha. This means that it tends to be played more in a limit or a pot limit format and no limit Seven Card Stud is rare. However it is one of the most skilful forms of poker that there is in the world at this time that requires unique skills on behalf of the player in order to be able to play this game very well indeed.

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