Playing blackjack inside a live casino

In live casino play then card counting is one of the ways in which skilled blackjack players can get an edge over the casino. Most people who are knowledgeable about the game are aware of how the count goes from positive to negative and indicates when the player and the dealer have an edge. Because of the rules of the game and the in-built edge created by the fact that the dealer always gets to act last then the count has to become sufficiently positive for the player to have an edge.

So while the count is neutral and especially while it is negative then the player is –Ev to the dealer. In these instances then the player looks to bet the absolute minimum that they can get away with. But all of these table minimums add up over time and so the player in many instances would like to get away with not having to count at all in these negative parts of the shoe. However drifting in an out of a game is difficult and often leads to complications created by the move being too noticeable.

But there is one tactic that can be very effective in blackjack and that is to back count while observing friends play the game. It is common for non-players to stand behind players and watch. Most of the time there would be no call for a bet anyway but there would absolutely be nothing to stop a non-player from keeping track of the count. When I was a player then I would often go through very long periods of time where nothing happened. But one of the advantages to back counting is in that when you bet then there is no bet spread to trip you up.

One of the ways in which card counters tend to give themselves away is by having a bet spread that goes sometimes from the table minimum up to a level many times that and then back down again. This is known as bet spread but when you back count then you can simply flat bet all the time and simply make it look as if you are merely betting out of boredom. The key to getting away with this is what image you portray and the image that you need to build is that of a gambler who is just out on the town with friends.

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