Mobile Gambling – It’s not just online Blackjack

The evolution of online gaming has broadened to such an extent that players around the world are just a click away from an experience that isn’t too much different from sitting in a crowded concrete casino in Macao or Las Vegas. This is not to say that playing in person is more or less preferable to playing online. But for players who like to play in the privacy of their own homes, or enjoy the convenience of using a latest apps on their smart phones, the excitement of playing live online is almost like being there in person in a casino.

In the world of sports betting, and casino games, sites built by William Hill have all the best bells and whistles you’d find anywhere online. William Hill PLC, of course, is one of the largest bookmakers in the United Kingdom. And it’s popularity among players around the world is no secret. Whatever your gaming favorite is, blackjack, slots, bingo, baccarat and of course, poker (among other games), you can find it online on a William Hill site, with odds that are probably better than your local brick and mortar casino can offer. Note to player: always see what you can get for free; always check the odds of the game you are about to play. Do due diligence. Be smart. Have fun.

Meanwhile, William Hill, like the best of other online organizations is moving head-long into mobile gaming — and that makes a ton of sense. I just saw a report issued by Juniper Research, an outfit that specializes in market research and they report that gambling — no surprise here – has become in a relatively short time, the next major mobile market. And what that means to you is simple: mobile sports betting, mobile casinos (in your hand…how cool is that?), and even mobile lottery playing.

Get this: Juniper has predicted that by 2018 164 million people will use their mobile devices to gamble … and they are basing that prediction partially on the idea that U.S. players will drive the market. Only a few jurisdictions now permit online gambling in the U.S., but it’s inevitable, once regulatory issues are ironed out.

You have to hand it to outfits like William Hill. Great graphics. Cool games. The whole package is available for players like me who are increasingly drawn to gambling online rather than in person. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the site if you can. Then make your own decisions about playing. My guess is that when you compare sites…you’ll find there is a reason why William Hill generates so much worldwide action.

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