How to gain an edge at roulette

As an ex-croupier for nine years then I am often asked if roulette can be beaten either live or online on sites. The answer is “yes” and “no” but that “no” is a resounding no if you attempt to beat the game with systems. That has been proven not to work by some of the best mathematicians on the planet and no one can argue with that. But for roulette systems not to work then one vital factor has to be in place……the wheel has to produce random results. The best roulette wheel manufacturers in the world like John Huxley of London for example produce perhaps the finest and most random wheels in existence.

However it has not always been that way and for years the casinos all over the world were being creamed by some very astute gamblers who spotted that a certain wheel was not producing random results. One such instance happened in 1986 when an American businessman called Billy Walters flew into Atlantic City and took one casino for around $2 million. Unknown to the casino he had hired a team of “wheel watchers” to do nothing but log the results of hundreds of spins.

The result was that one wheel was heavily biased towards six numbers. The reasons why this happens are complex and mysterious. Sometimes it can be damage to the wheel or because a particular wheel has not been maintained properly. In fact in every casino that I ever worked in (and that number was six) then there were at least one or two wheels in the pit area that were in a very poor condition. An average croupier is not careful in how they handle the wheel and why should they…….it isn’t their property.

Whether it is actual damage or just accumulated grime and filth on the wheel then one thing is clear, roulette wheels do not always operate in the way that they were designed to at the outset. It was only after Walter’s had amassed $2 million in profits did the casino suspect something was wrong and closed down the table. This instance may have happened twenty five years ago but it is a prime example of how ingenuity can take the casinos for a lot of money. At the end of the day, the fact that each number pays out 35/1 can often be the Achilles Heel of roulette and the casino management know this all too well.

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