The odds in blackjack

Every single successful gambler knows that the world of the casino, poker and online gambling sites, despite their differences, are also governed by one single thing – the odds. The smart gambler will know that in the vast majority of the cases as well as in the vast majority of games the odds actually lie very firmly on the side of the house unless you play poker for example against weaker players on big sites like at 888poker.

By understanding the odds of winning and always remember that the casino will always enjoy an edge over you, you will become a more successful gambler but knowing these facts is just half the battle.

There are actually some things that a smart gambler can do to reduce and in some cases even eliminate the edge of the house. This is especially apparent in card games where it is quite possible to increase your odds of winning by a combination of a good betting strategy and common sense.

Of course, this move can definitely be applied to blackjack especially since it is in blackjack that one can find the most excitement in a card game. Additionally a player can get greater odds of winning in blackjack compared to other games like slots.

The goal of the blackjack player is to reduce the house edge to zero, or even to tip the odds of winning in his favor. You can actually do this by having a good, solid betting strategy and good card counting. Card counting will entail having a good memory and large amount of concentration so it is very important for a gambler to clear his mind of all kinds of distractions and actually focus on the game.

At the end of the day then blackjack and poker have more similarities than many people realise. One such similarity is on having position. If you asked a hundred blackjack players how and why the dealer has the edge in a blackjack game then few could tell you. It is simply because they get to act after the player does and because if the player acts first and busts and the dealer busts then the dealer still wins.

Blackjack is a risk market just like any other and the rules and laws that govern money within a risk market apply just as well. Blackjack is a fascinating game and is one that any poker player should try to play at some stage.

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