Taking your poker game to the next level

Do you want to know why the best players are the best at online no limit Texas hold’em? Is it because they bluff better or because they simply make fancy plays? Well no it isn’t actually and the reason is because they understand the basics and then follow them without question. So position isn’t just elevated in importance…….it becomes the primary factor within their online poker games.

How can you be a winning online poker player if you are constantly sitting in games with opponents who you do not have an edge over? The answer is that you can’t and so you need to know how good your opponents are in relation to how good you are and then find the best levels to play at. This could literally be the difference between being a winner or a loser.

The best online no limit Texas hold’em players treat their poker and play their poker like a business. No serious businessman or woman for that matter throws money away. So serious online poker players take advantage of every little piece of income that the site presents to them! This means reward bonuses, sign up bonuses, re-load bonuses……you name it. If the top online poker players take this seriously then you certainly need to.

If you think that the game has nothing more to show you and that you have nothing more to learn about online poker then you couldn’t be more mistaken. The game is in a constant state of change and so you need to re-arm and re-educate your game to move with the times. I know many online poker players who could no longer beat the game simply because they failed to re-educate themselves.

You basically have two ways to make money playing online poker cash games for a living. The first is to move up and keep moving up in levels. The second is to play more tables at a level that you can beat very well. The second option is far easier and so learning to multi-table is a vital move if you want to be a good winning online poker player.

The best Texas hold’em players understand that fundamentally that online poker is a mental game. In fact this applies more to online poker than it does to live poker funnily enough. The process of staring into a computer screen for hour after hour and the fact that beats and bad runs come much more frequently make it tough on your psyche. So you need to combat that as much as possible and the best way to do that is to only play online poker when you are in a very positive frame of mind.

It is true that not all forms of poker suit all individuals. The differences in player numbers, risk, buy-in levels and all of the other factors means that most poker forms play vastly differently. One of the keys therefore to a profitable career is to find a form of poker that you like and then stick to it and specialise in it.

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