Strategy in Poker is Akin to Blackjack

I was having a discussion on a poker forum the other day regarding the toughening of online poker sites and the average player calibre on them at all levels. While it is true that both cash games and tournaments have become tougher, they have only toughened up to a point. For example I think that many players simply need to come at this from a different angle when it comes to thing getting tips to play at say 888poker. If you say that online games have become tougher in which to make money then what exactly do you mean by that?

If you mean have they become tougher simply because your existing style is no longer making money like it used to then the answer is an undoubted “yes”. However have you asked yourself what you have done in order to try and get your earn rate back up to what it was? If you haven’t done anything then what gives you the right to keep on making money from poker year after year? The fact of the matter is that poker and online poker especially evolves. In any evolving environment then the participants that fail to evolve get left behind……horribly.

I remember some years ago when I worked briefly as a financial consultant just before I went into playing blackjack and then online poker full time. The exams that I studied for back then are still called the same today but there is no way that the knowledge that I had back then would still apply today. The financial services industry has evolved massively in those 15 years or so and knowledge that you required back then has constantly been upgraded and updated within that time.

This is exactly the same with online poker because players change, sites change, sites promotional policies change, coaching changes, knowledge outlets increase and so on and so on until the online games are no longer playing the same. In life then the people that fail to adapt to an ever changing environment will suffer. Charles Darwin once remarked that it wasn’t the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent but the most adaptive to change…….that is online poker in a nutshell and so ask yourself the question again…… “What am I doing to change my results”?

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