Looking at the basics of blackjack

Starting with this blog post, I will come up with a series of articles on how to play blackjack. I think that a return to the basics and fundamentals of the  game will be a big help to those who still do not know how to play blackjack but are very interested in knowing how to go about it.Blackjack can be played with between one to eight ordinary card decks.

The cards that have a rank of 2 to 10 have the equivalent score as their face value. All of the face cards are given 10 points. Aces, on the other hand, are considered as semi-wild cards that have a worth of either 1 or 11 points. The highest hand in blackjack is an ace and any card that has a 10-point value. This hand is called a blackjack .

A blackjack hand that wins pays 3:2. In the event that both the dealer and the player produce a blackjack then the bet is considered a push. A winning hand also pays more money aside from a blackjack. A player wins if his hand has more points than the dealer without the hand going over 21.

This is why a hand with 21 points is the highest and also the same reason why the game is sometimes called 21. A break or bust happens when either the player or dealer go over 21. A busted hand loses. If both the player or dealer busts then the player loses – a factor in the house advantage. If both have hands of the same value then the bet is a push.

Many people look at the term “basics” and think that it means things that the average person need not worry about. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. A better term for the word “basic” is “fundamental” and that word means essentials. So when we discuss basics then we are actually looking at stuff that is essential to being able to play the game well.

This applies whether or not you are playing blackjack, poker or whatever. You need to learn what the basics are…..learn them and then execute them without question.

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