Video Blackjack Could Come to Montana, if Legislators Pass Proposed Law

Well, yeah, here we go again.

Laws never thought possible to pass in states like Montana, now have a chance and for one reason only: budget shortfalls.

But for folks like me, who love to video gamble (but not more than I can afford)… this is potentially good news.

I have friends who live in Montana (old service buddies), and they might soon be able to play video blackjack.

Video-line games are needed in Montana to help make up for lost revenue caused by a statewide ban on smoking inside casinos and bars, and an economic downturn, said backers of Montana Senate Bill 361.

No vote was immediately taken by the Senate Business, Labor and Economic Affairs Committee, and no one spoke against the bill. I suppose that is a good sign. No?

Supporters said video line machines differ from traditional and electronic slot machines in that the line machine do not contain spinning reels displaying numbers or colorful drawings, and do not feature an arm on the side of the machine or payouts in cash or tokens as traditional slot machines did.

Video-line games are similar to slot machines.

Bill sponsor Rick Ripley, R-Wolf Creek, submitted the bill on behalf of several Montana gaming industry groups. Ripley said at a Friday hearing, “I personally don’t gamble.”

Bill supporters said a sluggish economy caused gaming revenue to plunge, and said adding the new type of electronic gambling game could improve revenue.

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