Michigan Group Seeks Casino. Why? So People Can Play Blackjack, City Organizers Say

Well, here’s a new angle to a municipality wanting to bring gambling into their jurisdiction.

It’s all about entertainment. People want to play blackjack.

It will lure visitors into town.

That’s what officials in Lansing want to do. Get a downtown casino.

Blackjack, slot machines and poker chips are the sights and sounds missing from the Lansing area but officials hopes that will change.

“I got to thinking about it and I thought why not bring a casino to Lansing,” said a man from the Lansing Jobs Coalition.

Their goal is to give Lansing a much-needed economic boost and he’s betting a casino is just the way to do it.

But before the project can get the green light they will need 5,000 signatures to get the proposal on the August ballot. He also needs a Native American tribe to jump on-board because private investors would need the legislature’s approval. Indian tribes don’t need that permission.

Great idea guys. I’ve been to Lansing. Great town. Would love to play blackjack at a casino there someday. I mean, why not?

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