Keno – How to Play Online Keno

Online Keno is quick, fun and extremely easy to play, just like many of the popular online slot games. Your only job is to select the correct numbers. But what are the correct numbers?

They are the numbers that the computer software selects as “the catch”. If the numbers you pick are the same as “the catch” then you win. You can maximise your individual payout by selecting more numbers up to the maximum of twenty. However, the more numbers that you select the more you have to catch.

Although accurately predicting 15-20 numbers will yield a huge payout you have to remember that the odds of hitting these payouts are astronomical. The odds are so huge that most establishments will pay out the same prize if you catch 17 numbers as you would if you caught all twenty. Incidentally there is no one roaming this planet that has ever caught twenty numbers.

The lowest house edge comes from picking a selection of numbers between 3 and 9. Each online slots site will have it’s own individual pay table and house odds so make sure you check them before playing to determine how to reduce the house edge.

Playing online Keno is fast and furious. It is not like the live game where you have long periods of waiting between games. Due to the speed of the game you can end up playing hundreds of games in a very short period of time. If you go through a poor run of hitting your numbers it can become a very expensive hobby. So it is important for fun and longevity to practice good sound bankroll management principles when playing Keno.

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