In South Dakota…Legislation to Open Up Video Blackjack (and Other Games) to a Wider Audience a Possibility (Will YOUR State be Next?)

And so it continues.

I mean,   the constant looking by U.S. states to find revenue streams. Because heaven forbid anyone raising taxes. [They’d be voted out of office, dontcha know.]

I’ve been monitoring states around the country…and found  the latest in South Dakota, a very conservative part of the country, willing to do about anything to raise money. Short of taxes.

Latest is the possibility of video, online blackjack.

Rules allowing South Dakota video lottery establishments to offer new games that resemble those of slot machines won approval from a state commission  after casino owners said the change could revive business hurt by the economy and a smoking ban.

Representatives of Deadwood casinos, however, warned that the rule changes could be struck down in court because they say the state constitution authorizes slot machines only in Deadwood — not in video lottery establishments elsewhere.

So, we’ll see, won’t we?

Nearly 1,500 businesses throughout the state operate more than 9,000 machines, which until now have offered video poker, blackjack, keno and bingo.

Proponents say line-up games — where the symbols look like those on a slot machine — were previously authorized, but other rules actually allowing them to be implemented didn’t exist. The change approved Friday will make it possible for those slot-like games to be put into operation.

The state and video lottery businesses split the money players lose in the video lottery machines.

The state’s share, the second-largest source of general fund revenue, is projected to fall from $106.5 million last year to $95.5 million in the current budget year that ends June 30.

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