Free Entry Blackjack Tournaments This Month, Courtesy of New Launch by Sportingbet Online Casino: Paradise Casino

Never one to bypass a free tournament entry?

Let’s give a shout out to Sportingbet online casino, which is offering a free entry to blackjack tournaments every Friday this month (only a few Fridays left though…in March).

Under the promo, which will be facilitated through Sportingbet’s Paradise Casino, you will receive $5,000 in chips with the aim to build that balance up to as much as you can.

Because entry is free, you have nothing lose and can go all out to finish in the top six places and win a minimum prize of $100 in real, cold hard cash.

Registration for each tournament opens at 1pm GMT every Friday, but you gotta move fast because each one is limited to only 1000 places.

From their press release: “If you haven’t already downloaded the free casino software, just do so now and then register for an account to start playing.”

If tournaments aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options for playing blackjack online, including the live dealer version and the instant (flash) version, which you can play direct from your desktop.

The live blackjack game is only one of several live dealer options at Paradise Casino. Also: baccarat and roulette.

So check it out.

And then let me (and everyone else reading this posting) know what you think.

Does it suck?

Is it cool?

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