Enchanted Unicorn

The mythical kingdom of the Unicorn can be found on the slot machine entitled Enchanted Unicorn. This casino online game has 20-pay lines and you can bet between one and five credits per line.

As you would guess one of the games symbols is a unicorn itself and it is a wild symbol and will substitute all symbols with the exception of the Moon and Treasure Chest. The presence of a unicorn symbol can potentially lead to a pay out multiplied by up to 8x.

When the treasure chest symbol appears, in any position, on both reels one and five, then the Treasure Chest Bonus round will commence. You are presented with a treasure-filled grid and you select areas of the grid trying to find the mystical unicorn and avoid the nasty wizard. Finding a unicorn will win you all of the treasure on that particular row. If you manage to navigate yourself through the grid without meeting the wizard then the treasure chest opens and you win the prize. Bumping into the wizard brings your treasure chest hunt to a premature end.

Those looking for a Casino Bonus may want to use the Enchanted Unicorn game’s gamble feature. If any award is less than 3,000 credits you have the opportunity to gamble. Gambling effectively means double or nothing. If you decide to gamble, a deck of cards will appear containing an equal number of red or black cards. You then gamble by selecting one colour or the other to predict the next coloured ace that will reveal itself to the world. If you predict correctly you double your win and if you get it wrong you lose your money.

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