Didja Ever Hear of Blackjack Switch? It’s Pretty Cool. But Let the Players Beware….

People love it.

Blackjack switch.

Nationwide, statistics support these words.

Blackjack Switch ranks as one of the most popular table games in recent history, having doubled its worldwide implementation base to 120 from 60 over the past six months.

The game grew out of players’ frustration over receiving 14s, 15s and 16s, and not having any ability whatsoever to improve the hand.

Here’s how the game works. Players must buy-in for two hands. Once all hands are dealt, players can swap the second cards of their two hands. After a switch, traditional blackjack rules (doubling-down on 10 or 11; splitting any matching cards) apply.

Over time, in order to provide the house (or respective houses) with a slight edge, Hall opted to make Blackjacks pay even money (instead of 6:5 or 3:2 as they pay in traditional games).

He also added a major differentiator: When the dealer gets 22 – a bust hand in ordinary blackjack – all player bets push.

While Blackjack Switch is a fun game, don’t ¬†ignore who gets paid when.

Insiders say the biggest problem with the game is dealer error on 22; because most blackjack dealers are programmed to pay player wagers upon bust, an overwhelming number of dealers pay erroneously on 22 (when all bets technically push).

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