Did You Know? The Origins of Blackjack are in France

This space is normally reserved for blackjack news about strategies, tournaments and players, but I thought this week it might be fun to delve into the origins of …MY favorite casino game (OK, next to craps and poker).

The game has its roots in France and is believed to have originated from the popular French card games like Chemin de Fer and French Ferme.

During the era 1700 AD, the game was popular at French casinos, which later migrated to the United States during 1800.

Early  versions of blackjack were played at French casinos under the name Vingt En Un which means 21, in French. The latest blackjack game evolved from Vingt En Un with minor variations.

There are a few minor differences in the rules between Blackjack and Vingt en Un. In Vingt en Un, only the dealer was given the privilege to double.

Unlike the modern blackjack game, the players have to bet after each round in Vingt en Un.

The best combination of Vingt En Un is an Ace of the Spades along with a Jack which lead to the English term ‘Black jack. ‘

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