Department of Duh! Blackjack Dealer Caught Cheating Casino (Didn’t He Know They Have Cameras?)

Picture this. A blackjack dealer is caught cheating.

By his own casino’s video cameras. What a shock. This dude is not too smart, wouldn’t you agree? He was a dealer at Mystic Lake Casino, Minnesota. After being caught (and tried in court) he was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and three years of probation.

Christensen was ordered to return $18,720 to the casino after pleading guilty to gambling fraud on January 6 in a Scott County District Court. Casino cameras caught Christensen paying women who played blackjack at his table, on loosing hands as if they were winning hands. Christensen quickly confessed, claiming he only rewarded women he felt were ‘good-looking’ on the hands they lost even if he did not know them.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Christensen gave a total of $3,875 to one woman, $9,500 to another who was the daughter of his landlord, and $5,075 to a third woman. Christensen claimed that he wanted to impress and meet attractive ladies and that greed or criminal intent were not part of his motive.

Christensen has been placed in the ‘Black Book’, which bans him for life from traditional casinos excluding online casinos, of course. Whatta story.

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