Blackjack Tournament This Weekend Offered Up by Web Site (But Don’t Play from the U.S., to be Safe)

We all know about black Friday, when the US feds practically wiped out four major online casinos operating in country.

But IF YOU ARE OFFSHORE, or are reading this from outside the U.S., let me point you to Bet365 Casino this coming July Fourth weekend, when organizers are staging a blackjack bonanza event (their words)>

It  will pay out £5,000 in prize money.

So sign up before the event begins. If you want to play, you first need an account.

The casino is currently offering new players a special 150% bonus on their first deposit, up to a maximum of £150, so becoming a Bet365 Casino player is definitely rewarding.

Whether you sign up for a new account today or you already have one, if you haven’t taken part in a Blackjack Bonanza event before you will need to Opt In via the relevant page at the Bet365 Casino website.

You must then make a deposit of £25 or more during the hours of the event, which are from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT on Saturday 2 July.

You can enjoy a variety of Blackjack games as part of this event, including regular Blackjack, Blackjack Pro and Live Blackjack, so whatever your preferences you will be able to indulge them. As you play your selected game(s) you will earn Comp Points at the rate of 1 point for every £10 that you wager. At the end of the tournament, the 200 players who have earned the most points will win a prize according to their position on the leaderboard. The full schedule of prizes can be viewed at the Bet365 Casino website.

But to make your life easier, here they are…in English pounds:
Place 1st to win £500

Place 2nd to win £350

Place 3rd to win £300

Place 4th to win £250

Place 5th to win £200

Place 6th to win £140

Place 7th to win £120

Place 8th to win £100

Place 9th to win £80

Place 10th to win £60

Good luck if you play.

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