Blackjack Taking the Blame for Ending J-Los and Marc Athony’s Marriage; Do You Believe it, or Not?

Well, no question, Marc Anthony, he of the Anthony – Jennifer Lopez union… loved to play blackjack and poker online.

l And perhaps not enough time playing with his passionate wife in the bedroom. Could that have contributed to their breakujp? Really? Instead of spending the nights of passion fulfilling JLo’s insatiable yearnings, the latin lover was allegedly content to play games on the Intenet.

Hey, if it were me or you, wouldn’t you rather play with JLo? I know I would. All night long. Eventually JLo got tired of hearing about Marc’s prowess at an online blackjack table and Marc Anthony got tired of listening about refinancing and premium payments for JLo’s 1 billion dollar insured backside.

Or so said the writer of an article about this in Casino News. This ultimately led to the couple finding eager volunteers outside the marriage to help stroke their over inflated egos and thus the marriage fell apart. Marc’s passion for online gambling and poker allegedly annoyed JLo, especially after Marc Anthony started to show some real feel for the card deck.

A source close to the family told Casino News: “They also clashed when she learned he owed millions in unpaid taxes on the Long Island estate. The other problem was that they couldn’t agree where to live.

JLo’s career is in Hollywood and she wanted to live in their Malibu mansion and Marc loved New York. She was going to move to New York in a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. But last Monday I heard it was all over.”

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