Blackjack Player Calls Himself “Robin Hood”: Takes from the Rich (Casinos), Gives to the Poor (Needy People)

Melissa Davey, a reporter in Austalia wrote a captivating piece on a blackjack player named … Robin Hood.

Where is he from?

Sherwood Forest, of course.

What does he do?

Takes from the rich (casinos) and gives to the poor (needy…and himself, we presume).

He’s also an American.

He plays blackjack under the pseudonym Robin Hood 702, and he is good at it.

A high-stakes player, he wins thousands of dollars at a time.

He gambles in disguise, donning beards, glasses and hats.

And soon, Mellisa reports, he will visit Australia and give away his winnings.

He has asked Australians to visit his website and nominate a person or family in need of help – such as victims of natural disasters, illness or financial hardship.

“I will then pick a family or individual and fly them to the casino for the weekend, all expenses paid, and while they’re enjoying the betterments of life I will be down at the casino playing blackjack for them,” Hood told the Australian newspaper,  The Sun-Herald.

He’s so far given away more than $1 million of his earnings.

On the rare occasions that he loses, the people Hood has chosen to help still get half their bills paid, even if it means digging into his own pocket.

He helped one US family clear more than $35,000 in debt, which they had accumulated from medical expenses while their three-year-old daughter battled brain cancer.

He gave another woman more than $20,000 to care for her elderly parents.

Is he for real?

You be the judge.

Though he is much discussed on internet gambling forums, he shies away from talking about his personal life with his Maid Marian (who calls herself Lady Greice) and does not flash his wealth around.

”I try to keep the focus more on the gift, and not on the person giving it.

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