A follow Up: Blackjack Legalized in Montana? It Could Happen. Or Not. Go Figure. [They Need the Money]

I told you last time I’d be keeping an eye on this situation…so…

Well, how about that?

Blackjack legalization could be coming to the high country…Montana…soon because, why else, the government needs the money.

Ain’t that always the case?

Way I hear it, two gambling expansion bills have been proposed this session, one in the Montana House, and the other in their state Senate??

The first piece of legislation, Senate Bill 361, unanimously passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee last month, by an 11-0 vote. The bill would update the video gaming laws in Montana and allow upgrades to the current machines being used in the state. The bill is aimed at bringing Montana up to speed within the gaming industry. ??

“We’re getting to a place in Montana where we have machines that have been out there for twenty years,” said Montana Gaming Advisory Councilman Mark T, Kennedy.

“And it’s like an old Volvo. It runs well, but you can’t get parts for it anymore.” ??

The other bill is considered to have little chance of passing. House Bill 423 would bring legalized blackjack to Montana. While the state has become more liberal in their views of gambling, many analysts believe that the blackjack addition would be too great of a change to the current gaming structure. ??


The advantages of legalized blackjack can be seen in several different states: Florida and Pennsylvania have both recently allowed blackjack, and the two states have received millions of dollars in tax revenue from the blackjack tables.

Pennsylvania, MY HOME STATE, has also legalized craps, roulette, and other table games. ??

Montana has their fair share of gambling options, and some lawmakers believe that blackjack and other table games are simply the next progression in the movement towards full-scale casino gambling.

I say what’s wrong with that?

Despite that belief, it is expected that the blackjack bill will fail this session

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