Blackjack Dealer Who Was Engaged in Sexual Online Conversations with U.S. Congressman Weiner, Returns to Work Online

She’s back at work, after a horendous week.

Lisa Weiss, the Las Vegas blackjack dealer who engaged in steamy online conversations with U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, is back on the Internet today.

On her twitter account, she said,”wow! u sure find out who your real friends are when you ae having a personal meltdown.”

Weiss was named by as one of the women who had exchanged racy messages with Weiner.

She admitted Monday he had sent a underwear-clad crotch photo of himself to a Twitter follower after lying about it to reporters, constituents and his wife since it surfaced over the Memorial Day weekend.

Further, Weiner confessed to having sexually provocative conversations with a half dozen women over a period of years.

Some of them appeared game to the talk while others have said they were creeped out.

Weiner has said he does not plan to resign, although many pundits think he will.

Weiss¬†told she was “humiliated” and felt guilty.

It also was disclosed she wrote a note of apology to Weiner’s wife.

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