Blackjack cluster counting

The best way to be successful in the classic game of blackjack is doing your best to count the cards to give the best opportunity of predicting which cards will be dealt next.

This is the best way to try and reduce the edge the house has over you, whether you are playing at a casino or online.
However players have spent lifetimes trying to perfect this art, with hundreds books available on the subject and the best way to get one over on the house.

One of the most accepted ways to try and minimise the house edge is to ‘cluster count’, otherwise known as ‘shuffle tracking’.
This tactic is founded on the concept that cards tend to group in certain parts of the deck and players have the ability to a keep a track of where certain cards are positioned in the pack.

Once a shoe is finished and the cards are dealt try to keep tabs on the flow of high and low cards on the newly shuffled deck.
With cluster counting you must attempt to mentally label areas of the deck that have high and low cards to give you the advantage over the deal when it comes to hitting and sticking on your hand.

You should consider raising your bet when you believe you are about to hit a section of the deck that harbours high valued cards, and do the opposite where the lowers cards are hidden.

This should increase your chances of boosting your balance by reduce that all important house edge.

Written by Alex Corcoran, prolific online blogger and slot games addict, especially the new X-men slots game.

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