And Now for Something Completely Different: Jump into the Pool, Play Blackjack (in Atlantic City)

Harrah’s casino brought blackjack to its Pool Bar this past week, becoming the first casino in Atlantic City to offer betting in a non gaming space.

It was a Halloween celebration at the pool but more importantly a single bet on the blackjack table by a celebrity pop star was one to remember.

“Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers had the first bet on our table games in the pool after dark and were just really thrilled with the experience our customers will now have in the pool, where they will be able to play and gamble inside a night side venue” said a company official.

What used to be a dream for all casinos in Atlantic City has now become reality with Harrah’s becoming the first to issue betting in a non gaming space. Officials say the time was right for the expansion of gambling beyond the casino floor.

“It’s a new feature and we have a great partnership with the DGE to make this happen and I don’t think this would have happened a year ago” says John Smith, Senior V.P., Marketing, Caesars Ent.

Officials say that one black jack table is only the beginning of new gaming inside of Harrah’s Pool Bar, as they are looking to expand with more tables in the near future.

“We will have it in our loft area and have 6 games in the whole pit coming pretty soon so this is very exciting. In Atlantic City, gaming is a big thing. But non gaming is really what is going to be the future. And with the competition around Philadelphia and New York and soon to be here in Atlantic City, you have to continue to innovate and do things differently” says John Smith.

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