The Art (and Strategy) of Blackjack Betting

It’s all about money management.

I know. I know. It’s difficult to conceive when you’re at the table, having fun. Drinking. Card counting. [We hope]

But using proper strategy is the absolute best blackjack money management tip you can know.

If you’re playing blackjack online…find a strategy chart and use it while playing.

Contrary to what some people say, you are actually better off bringing a large bankroll to the table.

Blackjack involves lots of variance so you could lose several bets in a row, and then win several wagers in a row.

This said, you need to have enough cash to withstand the downswings and get back on the winning track.

Best thing is to have at least 30-40 times the amount you’ll be betting. So if you bet $5 a hand, you should have $150 in your bankroll.

Know when to quit.

It’s very important that you know when to walk away either during a winning or losing session.

So if you’re up on the casino by 20 bets, you should put away 10 of those bets to ensure a profit.

You can continue playing with the other 10 bets, but once they’re gone, walk away from the table.

Likewise, if you are down 20 bets, it’s time to pack up and go do something else.

Like have some dinner. See a show. Go to another game.

Just break the spell.

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