Strategy Sessions, Again: Ways to Win at Blackjack

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails saying how much they love it when I talk about strategies used by the pros, to win.

So here, goes. Another one. [Note: They are all pretty much the same.]

The principle of the method is that a card deck with tens and aces is likely to bust the dealer; thus, the deck of cards is in favor to the player. But a card deck with small numbers is in favor to the dealer.

So how does the method of card counting come in?

First, the player should keep track of all the cards which were already played to be able to gauge how rich or how lacking the deck of cards is.

I know that for beginners…and folks with bad memories, like me, that’s hard.

Nevertheless, try it. Assign a value of point to every card played.

A card counter does this.

A plus point is given to a card if it is favorable, and a minus point to a less favorable one.

Thus, high cards are assigned minus one (-1) point while low cards are given plus one (+1). Those in cards in between are given zero (0). The card counter then keeps track of all cards played and designates either adding or subtracting points to each and updates the total from time to time.

This is the ‘running count’.

Another term a player may encounter is the ‘true count’.

This is obtained after the card counter divides the running count with the proportion of the card deck size remaining. This then determines the richness or lack in the deck of card.

Also, the counter should check the up card of the dealer.

Use this to weigh your options and determine if you will bet the maximum or not.

A positive count is of course very good, and a high positive count is always the best.

So, cards two to six is given a point value of plus one while cards ten to ace is given a point value of minus one; in between cards are assigned the value of zero.

If your count is positive and high, then the deck of cards is in favor of you. With this, the dealer may hit and hit to reach 17 or may get busted. If you can determine that your count is high and the remaining cards are low, bet as high as you can.

Practice with the computer. There are available computer simulators these days. With these simulators, you get corrected if you have made a mistake. These simulators may be programmed with popular systems.

When playing, limit your money and time.

Quit once you reached your limit.

Do not waste all your money over a game.

Ok? Does this help?

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