Play for Free (For a While, at Least) Online; Nice Site

I like CasinoJoy as a pretty cool site to practice up on my blackjack play.

I enjoy the game and when I play at a brick and mortar casino, I try to card count.

Not always successfully (that’s why casino’s like me).

Meanwhile, you can practice your game strategy by going to CasinoJoy; also a nice site for more experienced players to practice their moves.

The upcoming Blackjack Freeroll at CasinoJoy kicks off on April 15, and will run for two straight weeks, through to the 30th.

Players who opt in for the FREE event will be granted just 30 minutes of playtime, and the goal is to win as much as possible on eligible blackjack games.

You can find out about leaders by checking the web site.

It is by no stretch of the imagination, a big cash event. [Of course, their ultimate goal is to hook you on the game.] Nope. It’s a cool way (and a free way) to check out your skills and what more you have to learn as you call up online blackjack tournaments.

Believe me, there are many of them.

Mind you, the site offers a number of other popular casino games, from slots to table games like  baccarat.

I mean check it out.

You have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, move on to some other site.

And let me know about other sites you have found, and like.

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