Perfect Pairs: A Variation on Basic Blackjack, Might Be Worth Your While

I’m not a shill for online casinos (although I like quite a lot of them and I DO play), so I am not going to mention where you can play Perfect Pairs.

Google the words and you’ll find it.

Meanwhile, it’s certainly an interesting way to play and bet.

You place a bet in the perfect pairs spot on the blackjack table.

By doing that you are placing a side bet that the first two cards dealt to your hand will be a pair.

If the cards are not pairs you will loose your wager, if they are pairs the hand will continue and when it finishes you will win your wager and get paid out at 5, 10 or 30 times your wager depending on what type of perfect pair you are dealt.

That’s certainly an interesting play, I would say.

The breakdown for the perfect pairs are as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs pays 30 to 1 (ie. two (2) Jacks of Diamonds)
  • Colored Pairs pays 10 to 1 (ie. one Jack of Diamonds, one Jack of Hearts)
  • Mixed Pairs pays 5 to 1 (ie. one Jack of Diamonds, one Jack of Clubs)

Here’s an example.

You play a $25 game.

And put down $25 on Perfect Pairs. [You can put down a different amount, by the way…doesn’t have to match the $25]

Say, now you get a pair of fives. You eventually win the hand by hitting 21.

Total bet was $50.

But I won $175. Perfect paid winnings for this hand were $175 – $25(wager) – $25(winnings for hand) = $125 or 5 times my original wager.

Pretty cool, huh?

So check it out.

I certainly have NOT told you everything you need to know. But I just wanted to alert you to a nice way to make big money with side bets.


Let me know how you do.

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