Can a Casino Ban You Because You are Successfully Card Counting? Court Case vs. Casino in Indiana Supreme Court Could Have Dire Consequences for Players

This is a damned interesting case.

A blackjack player who was banned from Grand Victoria Casino, in Indiana, in 2006, has sued the casino (yeah)  claiming unfair treatment….just because he is a card counter.

The case is now before the state’s supreme court.

Guys name is Tom Donovan is a retired computer programmer who learned to count cards via an online class and subsequently was able to win around $65,000 playing blackjack over a 7 year period.

He was watched and banned from the casino because he won too much.

He sued, lost the original case. Then won on appeal.

This is a really important case for all of you card counters out there.

Me? I suck at card counting, although I try.

When I get better at it, will I be banned too?

Will YOU?

So far the casino has been arguing that Common law permits them to refuse anyone entrance to their premises, along as its not a “bad reason,” but Tom Donovan’s attorney Marc Sedwick, countered by arguing that “Gaming is a statutory creature” that didn’t exist in common-law times.

I like what this judge said: Justice Frank Sullivan Jr noted: “Your casino could offer only games where nothing but pure chance governs, the slot machines, dice and the like but your casino offers games where skill can be a factor, like blackjack and poker, in an effort to attract customers who think they have the requisite skill to win.

“But once you identify a customer who has the requisite skill to win, you pull the rug out from under them and say ‘Sorry you can’t play,’ ”


I will keep my eye on this one.

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