Blackjack Tables: Looking for Lower Buy-In Games? Try Off the Strip…

I once went to Vegas, not to gamble (although I did) but to meet up with some friends who worked at the Las Vegas Sun…and to cover a lottery event put on by Powerball.

Remember when Powerball had a TV show? It was taped in Vegas and I used to cover it for a number of organizations.

My friend…worked at the Sun, and he advised me that I don’t have to go to the Strip…in fact, residents, when they gambled went off the strip where they could play games like blackjack at a much cheaper buy in. Like 50 cents at one downtown casino.

One of the problems with blackjack is that  it can get expensive fast.

Go to one of the nicer casinos on the strip where it runs $15 (at least) and up for single hand, and you could be losing a lot of money before you master the game.  In this case, you will want to find one of the cheaper casinos, whether it’s in Las Vegas or elsewhere.

In Las Vegas, there are many  that are not as expensive, but most of them are off the strip.  If you go up to the Fremont Street Experience, you will find many of these cheaper blackjack tables.

There ar also several casinos that are completely off the strip.  The Texas Station and Fiesta casinos tend to run less as well.

If you still want to stay close to the strip, Palace Station on Sahara, and the Orleans casino on Tropicana are both very good choices that are not very far from the strip and both are very cheap.

In Jean, you will find cheap blackjack tables at the Gold Strike Hotel and casino.

Further down the 15 freeway, you will find cheap tables at the Primm Valley Resort and at Buffalo Bill’s.

If you prefer Reno or Carson City area, it’s even easier to find a cheap blackjack table.  Fandango casino in Carson City is a great place to play, is recently renovated and has $3 tables.

No matter where you go, you are sure to find a blackjack table that suits your needs.  Most of the hotels in Nevada have table games somewhere nearby, and often have low tables as well as high tables.

HINT: The best time to play the lower tables is during the day on weekdays, because they raise the limits on nights and weekends.  Keep this in mind, and you will find the best places to play.  Of course, if you are a high roller, all of this matters not.

Just play.

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