Blackjack Survivor Tournaments All the Rage on Jackpot City Online Casino

I’ve been getting into blackjack survivor tournaments…have done OK… but I’m not sure that many people know what the heck it is.

Problem solved. I am here to help.

Remember, I am no expert. Rather I go to experts and have them explain things to me. Then, I report on what they say.

Now, to Survivor.

Survivor blackjack tournaments at Jackpot City online casino in September are scheduled several times a day with different prize pool amounts and entry fees.

But the basic format of the event remains the same.

The largest Survivor blackjack online tournament at Jackpot City online casino has a prize pool of $140 and an entry fee of $10. The top three players only share the prize pool with payouts of $80, $40 and $20. The blackjack variant employed is European Blackjack and a stack of 6 decks is used. The tournament will be held only if a minimum of 14 players register and the participation will be capped at 250.

Sounds like fun, right?

The Survivor tournament will be played over three rounds. In the first round players start with 2,500 chips and the minimum and maximum betting limits are 10 and 250 chips respectively. Only 8 hands are played with a rest of 10 seconds between each hand. The cards are shuffled after every hand and therefore card counting is futile.

Only the top 10 players survive and move to the next round.

In round two players start afresh on equal terms with the chips of the first round discarded.

In this round the wagering is more aggressive because the starting stack is 3,500 chips and the minimum and maximum betting limits are 50 and 500 chips respectively. The top 6 players survive the second round and move to the third and final round.

The starting stack in the third round is 5,000 chips and the minimum and maximum betting limits are 100 and 1000 chips respectively.

The top three players in this round share the prize pool as indicated earlier.

Jackpot City has a few other Survivor series, but generally, you should now get the picture.

Players who want to participate in these unique blackjack tournaments should be familiar with the rules of European Blackjack.

The defining feature of this variant is that the dealer is not dealt a hole card and therefore cannot check for blackjack upfront. The implication is that players need to be less aggressive when splitting or doubling.

Get it?

The other significant rule is that the dealer has to stand on all totals of 17. Jackpot City online casino is operated by Tower Rock.

It is powered by the leading online gaming software provider Microgaming and licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. Of course, since American companies are still prohibited by law from running these operations.

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