Blackjack Cheater Faces Stiff Fines, Jail Time

From media sources in Harrisburg, Pa., we heard a story about a Harrisburg man who claimed he cheated at Hollywood Casino last week.

Claudie Kenion, 41, said he cheated at the blackjack table.

“Other people was cheating, I just followed suit to be honest,” Kenion told TV station 27.  “A lot of people were doing it. I did it.  I didn’t think nothing of it.  I didn’t think it would be no formal charges pressed or nothing.”

Guess he was wrong about that one.

He was arrested by state police and charged with a new violation aimed at table games called Title 4, Prohibited Acts.

The fine is pretty substantial too. A fine of $75,000 to $150,000 and up to five years in prison for the first offense.

That’s not too cool.

Kenion said he was shocked he was charged.  He said he thought he would simply be asked to leave the casino.

“I thought I was gonna be kicked out,” Kenion said.  “If I knew there was any charges being pressed I would have never did it.  I would have never did it.”

A lesson learned. Casinos don’t screw around.

Captain Tim Allue, Director of the PA State Police Gaming Enforcement Office said anyone who believes that cheating at a table game isn’t a serious offense is “making a serious mistake.”

“I don’t know why anyone would think they could go into a convenience store and steal something and walk out the door and be told ‘Oh well, please don’t come back,” Allue said.

What did he do? In the police report, Kenion increased his bets by at least one chip when he realized he had a winning hand and the dealer wasn’t looking.  They said surveillance video shows he did it 13 times.

Here is clue, players:  anyone who sits down at a table game should expect that they are being closely watched.

Kenion said his story should serve as a cautionary tale to other gamblers.

“I was wrong,” he said.  “I was wrong.  I took advantage of it.  I was wrong.”

Still, Kenion said he has hired a lawyer and plans to fight the charges.

Good luck, dude.

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