Basic Blackjack Strategy: Practice Makes Perfect (and Keeps You Alive at a Table)

I’ve been asked to talk about basic strategies this week, but I have to make one thing clear:

I am not an expert.

I talk to experts. I find out how they play and win. I ask them for tips.

I am a player, but I ain’t no expert.

What I am hopefully doing here is to ask the questions YOU’D ask and find solutions to YOUR problems so that YOU can win at the table.

That said, let’s start this week with a very basic lesson:

Any basic strategy is intended to reduce the casinio’s odds so that you can win in blackjack.

When you learn to play basic strategy, you have reduced the casino’s odds until it’s almost even. You also need to know the basic strategy to effectively count cards.

And even if you don’t have a perfect memory…that defines me… you can use card counting strategies to play better.

You can only learn so much from reading from a book or reading this blog.

The best way to learn blackjack is to sit down and actually play, whether it be free black jack online, or for real at a casino.

You need to learn what it means to split or double down.

Start by learning the basic terms like hit, stand, double down, and split in blackjack.

Upon having a basic understanding of the game, start playing for free at an online casino.

Play for free for at least a month before moving on to the real thing.

Once you are betting for real, start with very small bets so that you don’t blow your entire bankroll at once.

When I first started playing, I’d  sit down and blow through an entire bankroll in 5 bets.

Don’t YOU do that.

As your bankroll increases, you can gradually increase your bets as you become more comfortable.



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