A Cool Online Game is Born: Multi-Hand Video Blackjack

Just heard about this pretty awesome game that combines the best aspects of video poker and blackjack.

Compay is InterCasino (check them out on the web if you don’t believe me), and the game is called “Multi-Hand Video Blackjack.”

Here is how it works, as I understand it: a player may choose to play one, three or five standard blackjack hands.

The dealer can play with three, five, 10 or 50 hands. This thereby gives the player between three and 250 game results on a single “hand.”

Standard blackjack rules are  the norm in Multi-Hand Video Blackjack.

A blackjack hand pays 3:2, clearly making for some huge payouts in the 250-hand game. Dealer must stand on soft 17 and hit all 16s.

Betting in the game is presented in slightly complex fashion, but it basically works the same as in a multi-payline video slot game.

The number of “game results” is calculated by multiplying the player hands times dealer hands.

Check the web for more details on this.

As for strategy, in the multi-hand game, you may employ a standard odds card, but you  won’t want to surrender at all (more dealer hands mean more winning hands for the player) and doubling down must be strictly standard. But basically Multi-Hand Video Blackjack is still blackjack – just a lot of it at once.

Sounds awfully cool.

Kind of like a day trader on Wall Street, eh?

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