International Blackjack League Worth a Look

I came across this news (more like a self promoting press release, if they were honest) online this morning. By now you know how much I hate just REPEATING self serving press releases.

Because no matter how they frame it, they are in it for the money.

That said, aren’t we all?

This time, the pitch seems interesting. Just consider where it’s coming from. Be cautious. Play and have fun.

Two online casinos- Platinum Play and Royal Vegas have decided to take part in 21 International Blackjack League.

This league is part of the Fortune Lounge group, known for their excellent service and player satisfaction.

What they offer are the chance to play Sit-N-Go, as well as Scheduled Buy-In and Free roll Tournaments every day.

There’s an easy to follow tournament schedule as well as dynamic and regularly updated tournament results.

You can even experience the thrill and excitement of Blackjack Elimination Tournaments.

This is where players with the lowest chip stacks are eliminated in specified rounds.

They also lay out the rules in a fairly straightforward manner.

As any Blackjack player can tell you, there is always something new you can learn about the game and here at the 21 International Blackjack league you can pick up strategy tips along the way as well.

It’s really easy to take part in this international league- just log into the casino lobby of the Platinum Play or Royal Vegas sites and follow the five steps. Expand your tables – international is the way to go!

Like I said. Let the player beware. They want your money.

But…they also offer a good playing online experience.

And after all, you want their money as well.

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