The Excitement of European Blackjack

I recently met someone who is into Europen blackjack like anything.  Of course I have heard of this variation of blackjack – who hasn’t?  But it wasn’t till that conversation that I realized just how exciting this game could be.  So what exactly is European blackjack?

The goal of the game is not any different from the original game of blackjack.  The player has to beat the dealer by getting 21 or as close as he can get to that number.  The differences are in the other rules and game play.  According to Rules To Win here are the basic rules:


1. 8 decks of cards, re-shuffled after each round.
2. Dealer must draw to 16
3. Dealer stands on soft 17
4. Blackjack pays 3:2
5. Insurance pays 2:1
6. Even Money pays 1:1
7. Double Down on 9, 10, 11
8. Double Down on Splits
9. No splitting 4s, 5s, 10-valued cards
10. No re-splits
11. Early Surrender half of bet on non-dealer ace
12. No Peek – Player loses total bet on Dealer BJ, including splits and double downs.

Another different thing is that players get their hands before the dealer gets his second card.  As for the winning, European blackjack is known to have its healthy share of winning.  In fact, the payout is 1:1 for a winning hand, 3:2 for player blackjack, and 2:1 for insurance.

There are many online rooms that offer European blackjack – just do a quick search and take your pick!

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