The Allure Of The Martingale

No, it’s not the bird that has the sweetest singing voice. Neither is it related to that bird. I am sure that if you tried to learn different systems in blackjack, you would recognize the Martingale. It is a betting system that used to be very popular in blackjack. Over time, however, it became clear to many people that the Martingale just does not really work all that well. In fact, when things go bad and you use the Martingale, things will definitely take a turn for the worse.

How so? Let’s take a look at an example – a real one, actually. A group of guys go to a casino to play blackjack at the same table. What they do is double their bets after they lose. The idea is to try and make back the money that they lose. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So things go fine for the guys while they keep their buy in low – say at $25. Later on in the night, however, they decide that they want a little bit more action. So they decide to double their original buy in when they hit a losing streak. Now, what if they keep on losing and doubling buy ins in the hopes that they would make the lost money back?

It is easy to see how the losses can easily pile up, making it all but impossible to make back the money. At a certain point, the player following the Martingale will find himself out of money to try and make back his money. The allure of the Martingale can be very well its downfall.

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