Table Master And Speed Of Play

I have met some people who play video blackjack a lot. Some of them actually LIKE playing blackjack using the machine while some do not have much of a choice. As you know, some areas do not allow “real” table games but allow the video-type games.

Anyhow, I ran across a Q & A type of article where this guy was asking all about video blackjack, Table Master by Shuffle Master in particular. While his question was all about basic strategy, the guy who answered his question brought up a very important point – speed of play. Mark Pilarski wrote:

But I’m also led to my second concern, and that is the speed of play. You’ve read it here before: Speed kills in a casino environment.

Why do you think casinos love Table Master video games? Because they can offer these games at a fraction of the cost of live tables. They can be placed where live games are not legal. They are dispute- and misplay-free. Virtual dealers don’t ask for holidays off and health care. And then there’s the triple-barbed hook, the one that can really gobble up your gambling funds: Table Master games nearly double the number of hands played per hour.

Indeed, the faster you go, the more you stand to lose. There is no way around this. That is why, if you really want to enjoy AND profit from your Table Master game, I suggest you take heed of Pilarski’s advice: take it slow. You might not feel like you’re living dangerously, but you’ll be thankful when you keep your bankroll more intact.

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