Say NO To 6:5 Blackjack

I will not go ahead and assume that you know what 6:5 blackjack is all about, so I will first explain its basics to you.  Quite obviously, this is a version or a variation of the original game of blackjack.  What is the idea behind this variation?

To understand it fully, you have to understand the original payout for blackjack, which is 3 – 2.  That is, if you draw a blackjack (a 21), you would normally get paid 50% more.  For example, if you bet $10, and you draw a 21, then you would get paid $15.  In 6:5 blackjack, however, you only get paid that ratio on your bet if you draw a natural blackjack.  That is, if you draw a 21, and you bet $10, you would only get paid $12 instead of the original $15.

You can easily see why casinos have been pushing the 6:5 version of blackjack on players.  They are definitely at an advantage.  So why would anyone want to play 6:5 instead of the original 3 – 2 game?

This is what casinos do – they advertise Single Deck Blackjack widely.  We all know that the odds of you winning are significantly higher when there is only one deck played.  As a result, many ill-informed players opt for the single deck game.  What they don’t know is that this game pays off at the 6:5 ratio instead of 3:2.  And that’s how the casinos get you to play at lower payouts!

The trick is to find out first what the payout ratio is first.

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