Reservation Blackjack

When I brought up this version of the game to some of my friends, I got funny looks. I guess many of them had not heard of Reservation Blackjack before. I even got a quip from one of them – “Isn’t all blackjack reservation blackjack? After all, you play them in Native American land, right?”

All joking aside, though, Reservation Blackjack seems to be gaining some attention lately. In fact, this variation of blackjack used to be exclusive to the Hollywood Casino in Aurora. This had been the case for about 2 years, I think. Starting the first of March, though, Reservation Blackjack will be made available at the Empress Casino in Joliet. I suppose that the game has caught the attention of enough people to expand its reach.

So what is Reservation Blackjack anyway? Southtownstar has this report:

Reservation Blackjack is geared toward people who prefer lower-stakes tables to the $10, $15 and $25 minimums that are the norm in this market.

For an upfront fee of $20 per hour, payable in advance using a major credit card, you can reserve a seat at a $5 minimum game on the date and at the time of your choosing.

You’re paying for the convenience of knowing you’ll be guaranteed a seat at a $5 blackjack game. That price, however, is costly, especially for frequent players and those who take the game and its low house edge seriously.

I suppose this is the main attraction for a lot of people – especially those who do not really gamble on a regular basis. It is good to know that you can reserve a seat for a low price and be sure to be able to play when you get to the casino.

For more information, call their hotline at (888) 4-EMPRESS.

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