Preparing Yourself Mentally

I’ve always stood by the idea that the game of blackjack is not so much as being physically prepared as being mentally prepared. You don’t really need much physical strength to play blackjack – unless you plan on playing for days on end, which is never really recommended. It is a different story altogether if you’re talking about your mental state, though.

From the outset, blackjack is all about the mind. You have know the concepts – from the basic ones to the most advanced. You learn these things. Take note of the verbs – know and learn. These denote mind activity, don’t they?

More than learning and knowing blackjack concepts by heart, however, there is also such a thing as preparing your state of mind for an excitement and even stressful game of blackjack. Whether you are playing at a real casino or online, your state of mind is important in making it big in blackjack. You would definitely benefit from a serene and sharp mindset. You have to learn not to go on tilt, and so on.

So how do you prepare your mind for a game of blackjack? There are no specific guidelines that apply only to the game. In fact, I have found out that meditation and mind calming techniques used in other activities work just as well. Try reading basic meditation books – they actually work! Another technique that I like is to listen to calming music. You can actually find CDs that contain music and ambient sounds that are supposed to help you clear your mind.

These techniques work differently for different people. If I were you, I’d look for those that really work for you.

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