Pennsylvania Mulls Legalizing Blackjack in Slot Machine Casinos

Pennsylvania is one of many states with a budget shortfall.

Can gambling revenues help close the gap?

Legislators, and Gov. Ed Rendell think so.

This past weekend, state House of Representatives members  met in a highly unusual Sunday session to debate a bill to legalize and tax table games such as poker and blackjack at Pennsylvania’s slot-machine casinos.

The debate began about 3 p.m. Sunday.

The proposal is a key element of lawmakers’ efforts to find new tax revenue to offset the state government’s massive, recession-driven budget shortfall.

The Democratic-penned measure passed the House Gaming Oversight Committee on Friday by a party-line vote of 14 to 11.

The measure also contains wording meant to combat  corruption and expand miniature “resort” casinos.

Many leaders in the Republican-controlled Senate say they are for legalizing and taxing table games. But some provisions they are against.

If you live in Pennsylvania, as I do, I say, why not legalize poker and blackjack. If players want to play, why not? Why should they not have the right to play in Pa….rather than have to go to Atlantic City? Or reservation casinos?

What do you think?

I’d like to hear your opinions on this.

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