MAC OS Users: Welcome The World Of Blackjack

One of the most common lines that I have heard when it comes to MAC OS is that “it is not compatible with so many games.”  This used to be the main reason, and for some, it still is; although we know for a fact that this reason is fast becoming non-usable.  So many games and other software have been developed for the MAC OS, and these fears of not finding compatible applications to use are quite unfounded.

And for you blackjack fans out there who happen to be using the MAC OS X, here is some good news – no, great news!  The World of Blackjack has been released for this operating system, courtesy of Candywriter. So why should you be excited about this piece of software?

The World of Blackjack offers you some of the best and most unique simulated experiences of excellent blackjack tables to be found in the entire world.  Think Las Vegas.  Think Atlantic City.  Heck, go overseas and think Macau, and Monte Carlo!

More than merely playing at these world famous tables, you can actually create your own casino!  If your dream has always been to be a casino owner, then you can live your fantasies using this software.  You can even come up with your own rules as to how blackjack is going to be played in your casino.

Here’s some more good news – they priced the game at a “recession rate” of $14.95.  You can also download the trial version to make sure you really like it first.  How’s that for a good deal?

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