Live Blackjack At Rushmore

Rushmore Casino has made a name for itself in the world of blackjack. I guess the people behind the casino have long realized that blackjack is a game that will always attract people to the casino, so they have been engaging in continuous efforts to offer exciting games and promos to their players. So what’s cooking at Rushmore these days?

Ryan Alders over at Casino Advisor featured Rushmore yesterday and what he said caught my interest:

ushmore Casino offers live blackjack tournaments of two types. One type is the multi table tournament and the other type is the single table tournament. The online casino has recently introduced some new events in the multi table tournament segment. These are proving to be extremely popular and more and more players are joining in.

Sweet 16s are daily tournaments. They offer super fast head to head competition. There is always a demand for freeroll tournaments especially from new players. Therefore Rushmore Casino has added a new freeroll blackjack tournament to it is multi table offerings. This is known as the $200 Bankroller and takes place every Saturday.

This $200 Bankroller, in particular, seems to be a popular thing. And why not? Freeroll plus multi table equals FUN!

Apparently Rushmore also has this tournament called Happy Hour. Anything named Happy Hour should be good, right? For this tournament, the winner is guaranteed $200 no matter what. Of course, if more people play, the prize gets bigger.

They have all these and more at Rushmore Casino – go get your butts there!

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