Is Blackjack Totally Random Or Not?

This question came to mind as I was reading some news articles debating on how luck comes into play in card games.  I am sure that you have heard so much about card games being nothing but games of luck, with no skills whatsoever involved.  One reason that the critics of card games often offer is the fact that the cards are dealt randomly.  They say that due to this randomness, the card player really has no control over how the game will turn out.

If we take that statement at face value, then we might be convinced that card games – including blackjack – are really all about luck.  Then again, I do not like taking things at face value all the time.  So the question now is this:  Is blackjack really random?

Let us take a look at how the game is played – a single deck or multiple decks, it does not matter.  A blackjack game begins with the dealer shuffling the deck, and we all know that shuffling makes the arrangement of the cards random.  So there you have the random factor.  Extend that a little bit – the dealing of the cards still has a randomness to it.  No one really has control over who gets which cards.

After that, though, the randomness can come to an end.  Whatever happens after a card is dealt is dependent on that card.  Once a card has been dealt, it cannot be dealt again.  Naturally, this affects the randomness of the game.  And that is where your skills as a blackjack player comes into play.

Get the picture?  So don’t rely on that random crap.  You have the power to win in blackjack.

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