Online Gambling: Watch for Blackjack Bonuses to Get that Initial Edge

There are no great secrets to getting a starting edge with online gambling. It is simply a matter of knowing this basic fact: online casinos offer amazing bonuses.

What I mean is this: There are more than 1,000 internet casinos and every one of them wants YOUR business. How are they going to drive you to their online gambling site? By offering bonuses.

So watch for them. Many offer the player free money (in a sense) for just entering their casino. Just imagine going to the Bellagio or any Vegas casino…you walk in, buy $100 worth of chips and they give you $250 in chips just to play.

Those are the kinds of bonuses out there.  Online. Then, if you play a particular blackjack strategy, all the better. What an advantage you’ll have.

What follows are some tips for beginners.

There are some things a player needs in order to play blackjack over the internet.

The most basic element of online blackjack is your computer. No matter how good you are at land base casinos blackjack tables, this means nothing if you can’t even run the most simple online blackjack program.

Computer Hardware – You do not need to have the latest and fastest computer.

Online gambling sites are programmed to run on most PCs.

Make sure you can download the casino. You’ll have to save the blackjack app to your hard drive.

If you have a Mac, you may be out of luck. Most casino programs work with PCs.

Just make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection.

Credit Card / Debit Card – Actually, today you CAN play without giving your card info, using company services such as Wire Transfer, Fire Pay, Bank Draft, Neteller and other methods.

Don’t be afraid about giving your credit card information to the casinos or the services provided by a third party companies.

If for some reason your credit card company refuses payments for casino gambling sites, I would consider using the third party payment options. They will not charge you for their services.

Email Address – Internet casinos will require a valid Email address to keep you informed about your account status.

Online Blackjack Software – The casino itself will instruct you on how and where to download the software. The software is free and usually gets automatically updated with the latest version.


Those are just a few hints to get started. If you love playing blackjack (like I do), then there is a world out there waiting for you.

Let me know what you think.

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