Florida Officials Hoping to Put Together a Gambling Deal with Seminole Tribe

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has said that there is still hope that a gambling deal between the Seminole Tribe and the state, even though legislators have asked for the tribes to be shut down.

Both sides have apparently reached an ‘impasse’ and legislators are reportedly asking the National Indian Gaming Commission to shut down the gambling operations of the tribe.

Crist said:  “To me, it seems so obviously the right thing to do is to work out a deal .” Crist says that that the tribe would contribute $150 million a year to education as well as create 40,000 jobs in exchange for exclusive rights to blackjack and other table games at their casinos.

Crist added that the shutdown of the casinos would most likely not happen. He commented: “ People can ask for things all the time. Even I ask for things.”

Crist recently visited the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the United South & Eastern Tribes. This is a nonprofit, inter-tribal organization. Speakers at the event called Crist an honorable man and a friend of the tribe and he was greeted with three standing ovations.

After the event, Crist spent some time talking with Jim Shore the tribe’s general counsel, in private. After the conversation Shore commented that Crist was in charge and the tribe is leaving it up to him.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in Florida.

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