Cheap Video Blackjack At Motor City

How often do you play blackjack at live table games? How much are you normally willing to spend? I believe that these two factors play a large role in one’s blackjack playing habits. I distinctly recall talking to some friends who really like playing blackjack but are being held back by these two things. One, they are quite “shy” to play with those who are really good. I find it amusing because there really is no assurance that the people who play at the tables are good. Two, they are limited by the amount that they are willing to spend. In some casinos, you might have to shell out $15 to $25 per hand, maybe more.

For this kind of blackjack player, Motor City Casino has the perfect alternative – its $5 video blackjack. Using the Table Master Royal Match 21 Blackjack machines, this casino is the first in the Detroit area to use such. According to Phil Trofibio, the vice president of operations at the casino, the odds are the same with the video blackjack as with the “regular” blackjack. He also points out that this is the perfect chance for blackjack lovers to play more without breaking the bank.

They currently have four of the machines in operation. Each machine allows up to five players gamble at the same time. Naturally, some dealers are having mixed feelings about the machines. Still, they believe that there are still a lot of people who want to play with a real live dealer so they are not at all that worried.

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