Blackjack Strategy: Number One — Whether an Old Pro or a Beginner, Never Forget the Basics (first in a series)

I’m not selling a book or preaching you a system.

That’s all up to you. I mean, whether you believe in systems or not.

But I do advise you to find something, before you play, and learn basic strategies. Because blackjack, like almost no other game, offers pretty good odds against the house. If you know what you’re doing.

So…first: learn the basics. And stick to them.

Blackjack is all about math. Don’t guess. Don’t play a hunch.

And when you learn the basic charts, don’t bet against the odds.

If this all seems a bit vague, check this space next week for more detail.

In the meantime, find a book. Study it. Learn basic strategy.

Next week, I’ll recommend some books on the game.

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