Blackjack Run On The iPhone

What did you get for Christmas?  I wanted an iPhone – among many other things – but unfortunately, Santa did not think I was good enough last year to merit an iPhone.  For those of you who were good boys and girls and got iPhones from Santa, you are probably scrambling to get the latest and hippest iPhone applications.  Here’s one that you should not miss – Blackjack Run.

Even though I have no iPhone to call my own, I have had the good fortune of playing with other friends’ iPhones and let me tell you, this iPhone application is not to be dismissed.  At first glance, perhaps, you might be tempted to do just that.  Blackjack Run is one of the most unassuming applications that you can download but it does offer a lot of fun.

The game is very easy to learn – one go at it and you will master the game.  What happens is that you have 30 seconds to play 5 hands.  You will be shown a card, you then have to place it in a hand, and you continue doing so till the time runs out.  You either bust or click to stop.  The ultimate goal is to get the highest score for each of the rounds until you run out of time.  If you reach 95 points at least before the time runs out, then you get bonus points.  The game has up to 15 different play levels.

Blackjack Run is made by Seahorse software and sells for $4.99.  You can also get the free version, Blackjack Run Lite.

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